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Concrete Blocks




1.Rapid Execution of Work in construction

it is easy to deploy hollow blocks in construction works, all that is needed is to fit the right block to the right place. Using the same shape and sizes helps to easily assemble them to form any particular shape that is required in the construction area.

2.Extremely durable

the hollow block produced by high pressure and vibration make the blocks very strong, resilient hardened to severe load and weight.

3.Better Insulation

As hollow blocks have holes and because of the air in the hole of the block, it does not allow heat or cold in or out of the building. Hollow blocks are insulated against heat, wetness, and sound. Hollow blocks keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter.

4.Environmentally friendly

It does not infect or have any known environmental frustration it constitutes to the system.


Hollow block helps in reducing construction materials used at a construction site, though reducing the cost of construction.

6.Low Maintenance

Maintenance of hollow block structures is not expensive, compared to other construction materials that are available in the market.

7.Reduce consuming Space

The construction of thin walls with hollow blocks is very common. So, it helps to reduce the space used in construction and increases the floor area.

8.Bonding of mortar and plaster

As the surfaces of hollow blocks are rough, this provides a good bonding between mortar and plaster.

9. Impressive Finishes & Appearance:

Hollow blocks can be treated with various render products and techniques, allowing you to create impressive finishes that look a lot more expensive than they actually are.

Even different colors are added to the mortar these days to produce different colors of blocks. This way you can have the exact color of the hollow concrete blocks you have in mind for the facing of your building and interior walls as well.

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