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iConic Concrete Group is versatile and accepts different modes of orders and payments. Orders can be made via different platforms and payments follow suit. These platforms include Walk-in customers. Telephonic orders and e-commerce or online  orders via


Walk-in orders can be paid in cash, bank transfer, Mobile money, MTN MoMo Pay, or Swipe at speed point.


Telephonic orders can be paid via bank transfer, Mobile Money, MTN MoMo Pay.

e-Commerce platform caters mostly to orders from our clients in the diaspora. iConic can be paid from any country in the world using Visa, MasterCard, or other bank cards as stipulated on the check-out platform. Such orders attract an additional 4% of the transacted amount to cater for bank charges.

The service, dispatch, and delivery schedule remain the same despite the means through which the order was made.

Last modified on 05/01/2021

IConic stands for precision and integrity. We are committed to innovation and excellence at all levels. Quality is paramount