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20-40 (40mm) Stone Coarse Aggregate

20-40 (40mm) Stone Coarse Aggregate


1000 in stock

Product Description

Stone Coarse or Crushed Stone aggregates are an important material used in the production of concrete products, which provides strength to concrete. They are also known as Jelly/stones.

The purpose of the aggregate within this mixture is to provide a rigid skeletal structure and to reduce the space occupied by the cement paste. Proportions of different sizes of coarse aggregate will vary depending on the particular mix required for each individual end use.


Maximum load Quantity

Up to 42 Ton


Crushed Stone





Minimum Order Quantity

15 Ton


20-40(40mm) Stone Coarse Aggregate is sold in Tons at UGX 60,000/= per ton. MOQ (minimum order quantity) 15 Tons per truck. Delivery charge depends on distance and number of tons.


NB: when making order, please be specific on the size, delivery is not reversible.


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