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Bullnose Slate Pool Coping (150mm x 200mm x 50mm) – Light Grey

Bullnose Slate Pool Coping (150mm x 200mm x 50mm) – Light Grey


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Product Description

These Slate copings are bull-nosed with a slate texture surface that has an irregular surface patterning, manufactured in a wet cast process. These copings are available in a range of attractive colours.


Typical applications include; Residential Paving primarily used for pools


Product Details:

BrandiConic Concrete Group
Dimensions150mm x 200mm x 50mm

Bull nose





Block Type 

Solid Concrete




Residential Paving


Brick/Block Color 


Standard Grey




UGX 15000 / Square Meter, includes paving line levelling




Compressive Strength 

7.0+ Newtons /mm2

7.0+ Mega Pascals



Bull Nose Slate Pool Copings (150mm x 200mm x 50mm) are sold per square meter.  30 Pieces per Square Meter.


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