Solid Concrete Blocks 4-Inches ( 10cm or 100mm)

Solid Concrete Blocks 4-Inches ( 10cm or 100mm)


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Product Description

Solid concrete blocks are used for laying the foundation, columns, supporting structures of buildings, and basements. The leading role is played by their durability.


Quality Promise

iConic solid blocks are built with a perfect finish and  highest cement composition to additives ratio to last for generations setting the highest bar in the concrete block market. Our Concrete blocks are priced fairly without compromising quality, every builder’s choice by far.



  • Highest Strength Compared To All Other Structural Options
  • Very Accurate Dimensions Enable Huge Savings In Plastering Costs
  • Excellent Bonding With Plaster Or Gypsum Reducing Settlement Cracks
  • Extremely Low Breakage Making It A High Value-For-Money Product
  • Can Be Applied Using Standard Bonding Materials And Installation Process
  • Highly durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Non-slippery
  • Highly stylish
  • Longevity
  • Excellent visual impact



Product Details:

BrandiConic Concrete Group
Size (Inches)4 Inch /  10cm / 100mm
Dimensions4 inches x 8 inches 16 inches

10cm x20cm x 40cm







Block Type 

Solid Concrete Block



Used in foundations,

Partition Walls and Side Walls


Brick/Block Color 




1900-2100 Kg/m3





Compressive Strength 

7.0+ Newtons /mm2

7.0+ Mega Pascals


Solid Concrete Block 4-Inch ( 10cm or 100mm) is sold as a unit. MOQ (minimum order quantity) 250 Pcs per truck. Delivery charge depends on distance.

NB: when making order, please be specific on size, delivery is irreversible.


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