Wholesale Cement – Fundi

Wholesale Cement – Fundi


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Wholesale Cement – Fundi


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Fundi cement is a hydraulic cement designed for use in mortars for masonry construction. Plastering, rendering, stucco, brick laying, screeding and others. Fundi cement is manufactured at Tororo grinding station in Tororo district and Hima plant in Kasese district.

Fundi cement is manufactured to conform to the strin- gent requirements of the Uganda National Bureau of Standards US 366-1, Masonry cement- composition, specification and conformity criteria.


Wholesale Cement – Fundi is sold as a Bag. MOQ (minimum order quantity) 10 Tonnes per truck (200 bags). MOQ limit is for free delivery only. For self collection MOQ does not apply. Free delivery covers Kampala and surroundings


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