Wholesale Cement – Multipurpose 50kg kfBg CEMIV/BP 32.5 Dom

Wholesale Cement – Multipurpose 50kg kfBg CEMIV/BP 32.5 Dom


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Wholesale Cement – Multipurpose 50kg kfBg CEMIV/BP 32.5 Dom is sold as a Bag. MOQ (minimum order quantity) 10 Tonnes per truck (200 bags). MOQ limit is for free delivery only. For self collection MOQ does not apply. Free delivery covers Kampala and surroundings


Product Details:

Multi Purpose CEM IV/B-P 32.5N is a Portland Pozzolanic Cement with a wide range of applications in construction like mortar, plastering, domestic concrete, road construction, industrial floors, construction repairs, etc. Its good strength performance makes it suitable for both general purpose and structural concrete applications.



Multi Purpose 32,5N is a product that complies with UNBS for common cement. It is a CEM IV type cement in the strength class 32,5N. It is characterised by good high quality early strength, fast setting and bright colour.


Multi Purpose 32,5N is formulated out of:

Clinker, a key ingredient for strength development

Pozzolana, a key contributor for concrete durability and long-term stability

Gypsum for regulating setting time of cement mortar

Multipurpose is manufatured in accordance with the Uganda Cement standard US 310 -1: 2016 adopted from the European Cement standard EN 197 – 1 and is permitted by the uganda National Bureau of standards



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