Wholesale Cement – O.P.C Power Plus Cement , Cem1, 42.5 Mpa

Wholesale Cement – O.P.C Power Plus Cement , Cem1, 42.5 Mpa


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Product Description

Wholesale Cement – O.P.C Cement , Cem1, 42.5 Mpa is sold as a Bag. MOQ (minimum order quantity) 10 Tonnes per truck (200 bags). MOQ limit is for free delivery only. For self collection MOQ does not apply. Free delivery covers Kampala and surroundings

Product Details:

O.P.C Cement , Cem1, 42.5 Mpa is an innovative versatile cement that combines excellent strength, consistent performance at all stages as well as assured long-term durability for concrete applications

Powermx is strategically designed as a modern cement that addresses the demands of today’s construction sector for building and structures that will outlast generations to come.


Composition and Conformance

O.P.C Cement , Cem1, 42.5 Mpa is produced using locally manufactured clinker which is interground with pozzolanaand gypsum using our world class facilities in Hima, Kasese district. The product is produced under strict quality control processes under the supervision of Hima’s quality engineers that ensure consistent unrivalled performance for every bag that reaches our customers.

Powermax is produced under the guidance of Uganda National Bureau of Standards and conforms to the Uganda/East African Cement Standards (US EAS 18-1 replicated from the European standard EN 197 – 1)

  Technical Data

O.P.C Cement , Cem1, 42.5 Mpa meets all applicable physical and chemical requirements of the harmonized East African cement standard as per data below.


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