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Why Choose Us?


iConic Concrete Group stands for precision and integrity. We are committed to excellence in concrete block manufacturing. We attach particular importance to our work strictly by adhering to established quality requirements and industrial civil concrete block standards. As a quality control measure, our products are tested in the civil engineering laboratory to reaffirm that the compression resistance capacity and water absorption strength comform to set standards.


Our continuous focus is not only on manufacturing excellence but also on service delivery making Iconic stand out as the preferred Supplier of choice for concrete products in Uganda


Our attention to detail ensures that our manufacturing process continuously maintains the same accurate weight of content composition of materials that produces unmatched uniform premium quality blocks


Ongoing research and development allows IConic to continuously develop new product modules to suit the modern style architecture as well as the usual standard tried and tested modules that have been in supply for decades.

iConic Concrete Group 

Kasenge – Nakawuka Road.      1KM from Kings College Buddo


Off Entebbe Road. Drive through Seguku Katale. Pass Nican Resort Hotel. Continue towards Kasenge (Gaz Fuel Station). Turn Left  (on Nakawuka road) Drive straight on that Murram road. We are located on the left side of the road less than 1KM. Big Signage. You cannot miss us.





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iConic Concrete Group - Uganda

IConic stands for precision and integrity. We are committed to innovation and excellence at all levels. Quality is paramount